Section 24 Tax Reforms The “Tenant Tax”

Section 24 Tax Reforms The “Tenant Tax”

Section 24 Tax Reforms The “Tenant Tax”

This is the official website of the Section 24 billboards campaign

The Section 24 Tax Reforms (also known as the “Tenant Tax”) will result in:-

  • Massive rent hikes (as proven when a softer version was introduced in Ireland and is now being reversed)
  • Landlords selling their rental properties (causing homelessness for tenants)
  • Less private sector investment into building more homes

Section 24 Tax Reforms increase the tax payable on providing your home. Just like when fuel duty, tobacco duty, and alcohol duty are increased by the Government, so does the prices you pay.

It’s clear that availability of rental property has decreased and rents have risen markedly since these measures were announced in 2015. We call for this disastrous tax policy, which is already causing such profound suffering, to be reversed.

This Government Tax Grab isn’t fair on anybody and needs to be challenged, especially by people who cannot afford to pay higher rents and those for whom taking on a mortgage to buy a home isn’t realistic. We all need to be working together to persuade the Government of its poor judgment and to repeal this ludicrous piece of legislation.


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Please tell your landlord about this campaign and share it on Social Media.

Please make a donation to help fund more billboard advertising via the Just Giving campaign linked below.

We have already raised sufficient funds to pay for 10 additional billboards in the following locations. They will be pasted on 21st May 2018.

When funds allow, the next set of billboards will be placed further North.

Please sign the online petition

Section 24 Tax Reforms The “Tenant Tax”

To spread the word, why not print an image of our Billboard onto a piece of A4 paper and ask your local shops (especially letting agents) to display it in their windows and on notice boards?

How about putting it in your car window?

Maybe you could send a copy to your local MP or Councillor?

If you are a member of an organisation which might like to become an official sponsor of this campaign, please email [email protected] – the minimum donation to become a main sponsor, via the Just Giving campaign page, is £500. In return, your logo will be displayed on the right hand side of this web-page, in the available white-space, and linked to your website. This opportunity will close when all available white space has been utilised. Sponsors will also be expected to make their members aware of this campaign.

Let’s get creative!

Alongside our campaigning, our lead sponsors at Property118 Limited and their Hon. Legal counsel at Cotswold Barristers have been helping as many private housing providers as possible to minimise the effects of the Section 24 Tax Reforms. By optimising the structure of their businesses, to minimise and in some cases to mitigate the extra tax, the impact on tenants is also reduced. You can learn more about these structures via PowerPoint Show below.

Technical Information About Section 24 Tax Reforms

It has now been over a year since Dr Rosalind Beck first published her paper on the Section 24 Tax Reforms, which has become widely known in the industry as “The Ros Report”.

Please see below a link to correspondence that ‘Ros’ had with The Treasury, and which also contains a link to the full report itself, which can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format.

The Ros Report: the Treasury defends the indefensible 

The development and hosting of this website has very kindly been funded by Property118 Limited.